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 We build simple & intuitive software designed for one single purpose – help you reach your business objectives. 

We always strive to create valuable solutions to present-day problems.

After 15+ years of development, 20+ programming languages and numerous verticals, we are only getting started!

Ok, but exactly what kind of solutions are we talking about? 

Business Process Automation

  • Results-oriented solutions to automate repetitive, data-heavy, time-consuming processes;
  • Streamline operations involving integration and communication between multiple business and IT environments;
  • Can be implemented in any aspect of a business, from data entry and data extraction, file transfer and content migration to enterprise application integration and reporting;
  • Can be implemented as singular instance to automate key processes and deliver immediate results or as part of a wider, systematic business process management initiative.

Digital Signage for Factories

In factories, digital signage is an effective tool of communication:

  • flexible per work shift, department, time of the day,
  • rapid change of messages
  • automates communication

What information can be displayed:

  • OHS information: risks and dangers at workplace, safety rules, call for vigilance
  • HR communication: Organization culture information, Trade union information, Upcoming events, the cafeteria’s weekly menu, team events
  • Training : summaries of the last training session,
  • Spontaneous / emergency information:

Maintenance & Ticketing

  • Flexible, collaborative solution built for rapid help-desk service / customer service;
  • Deliver exceptional support fast
  • Transparent pricing: start quickly and deliver value fast;
  • Customizable per industry: IT support, accounting and finance, automotive;
  • Teams collaborate quick and easy: issues are solved fast;

Document Management System

  • Information / data / document management made easy;
  • Allows organization of the information inside the company, per department;
  • Modules customised and integrated in a unique solution;
  • Real-time document updates;


  • Rapid document management;
  • Simplified access to knowledge and information;
  • Efficient team work;
  • Reliable and fast communication;
  • Data security;
  • Reduced time and costs;
  • Information inside the organization is never lost;
  • Optimization of business processes;

Training System Software

  • Hosted in the cloud;
  • Digital content repository, collection of multimedia learning objects;
  • Multiple users accessing the eLearning software; access and usage per roles: Administrator, Instructor, and Learner;
  • Administration of courses and learners, by groups and profiles;
  • Distribution of training material in collaborative environment
  • Features : video and text chatting, breakout rooms, polling tools, and recording functions;
  • Additional services: installation and configuration of the solution; analysis for the development and customisation; training for users ; technical support and maintenance


  • Interactive, synchronous distance learning & evaluation;
  • elearning solution for business/local and central administration (authorities) meant to support the know-how and information transfer in a fast, practical manner, anywhere and by anyone who has access rights;
  • Customizable per industry and/or business department/operation: HR (induction and onboarding courses), OHS

Transportation Management Software

  • Optimize supply chain performance to respond to present-day requirements : changes in rates, truck loading capacity, client requests and expectation
  • Modules: Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Follow-up, Reporting & Measurement
  • Customizable / modular, easy to integrate with /replace current TMS or ERP


  • Real-time visibility;
  • Intuitive interface
  • Simplified process: eliminates multiple emails and phone calls to track shipments and invoices.
  • Automates processes: forget about spreadsheets, now you can track, trace and report on shipments at the click of a button
  • ROI within the first month
  • Valuable support for your decision making process.

Showcases – Interactive Voice Intelligent Assistant

Ivia is a Smart assistant which offers automated customer service in Romanian. Speech recognition, speech to text, text to speech are all included in the new generation of IVR. It offers your customers a new way of interacting with the services or products you offer. With the help of the Intelligent Assistant you can create real-time conversations and record orders of services or products without any human intervention. –  Data backup as a service

The app saves versions of your files according to the agreed retention policies. Security is guaranteed – you will have access to your files no matter what. You can also manage your files anywhere, anytime – all you need is an internet connection.

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