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Complete and Reliable Products
for Professional Digital Signage

With Spectro:o ’s complete suite of products, you transform an unlimited number of screens into professional digital signage networks. We provide you with both the hardware and the software solutions to communicate easy and fast, no matter the industry.

Spectro:o Case for DIY Digital Signage Player

The Spectro:o Case is an excellent component for creating your own digital signage player. Compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4B motherboard, our case has a dedicated space to incorporate the Uninterruptible Power Supply unit (UPS PLS 003).

Its simple and practical design integrates three structural elements: removable cover, base and a dedicated unit for media connection. The black colour of the case ensures a seamless visual blend with the back of the screen. You can choose between the two finishes: matte or glossy.

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Spectro:o UPS for Raspberry PI 3B+ & 4B

The Spectro:o UPS is a simple and sustainable solution to keep your Raspberry Pi device always connected. The perfect fit for Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Raspberry Pi 4B, Spectro:o UPS ensures power voltage stabilisation and also power continuity for 30 to 60 seconds in case the main power supply is interrupted.

No worries regarding the installation process, our solution is plug-and-play. You don’t need any prior settings or calibrations before use. Due to its compact design, the Spectro:o UPS can be easily integrated into systems or an already existing case.

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4G UPS for Raspberry PI 3B+ & 4B

The 4G UPS for Raspberry PI 3B+ & 4B – your easy-to-integrate and reliable tool for seamless connectivity. No more bother with setup or interruptions; this solution ensures your internet connection stays strong and steady.

Imagine never worrying about internet dropouts during your digital displays. With Spectro:o 4G UPS, you’re always connected. No need for complicated setups or configurations – it just works. So whether you’re in a bustling city or a remote location, your digital content stays online, captivating your audience without a hitch. It’s the simplicity and reliability you’ve been waiting for in your digital signage setup.

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Spectro:o Digital Signage Player

The Spectro:o Player is a proven plug-and-play player, built with Raspberry Pi 3B+ & 4B and some other electronic improvements for increased robustness. All you need regarding technical requirements is Internet access and screens that support HDMI input. After connecting the player to a monitor, TV or screen and then to the Internet, it will instantly display the content allocated from your account on the Spectro:o DMS platform.

The player communicates with the content management system (Spectro:o DMS) and automatically synchronises its local playlist. This way, you can manage your digital signage network no matter your location. Once you assign the multimedia content to the players, they are autonomous and will continue to play the allocated files even in case of an internet outage.

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Spectro:o Digital Media Signage Platform

The content management web platform is the central point from which you manage the display flow, from uploading multimedia content to allocating it to groups of players.

Once the content is organised, it enters the process of distribution to the players, which is handled automatically by the specialised components of the Spectro:o DMS platform. You can grant access to your team by creating new accounts with different levels of permissions.

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Spectro:o Solutions – Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Digital Signage

You coordinate the entire communication process across multiple locations

Enjoy using the platform without a tech background

Fast technical support and free documentation

Your company evolves from an expensive and inefficient way of working to sustainable solutions

Versatile and reliable solutions no matter the industry

Great scalability – implement on as many screens as needed and manage them remotely

Adopt Practical and Sustainable Digital Signage

Solutions to Drive Audience Engagement

How it works?

01. Connect

Connect your screen to a Spectro:o player.

02. Publish

Add your content and publish it.

03. Control

Easily control all your displays from one single place.

Tech specs

Cloud-based management

Secure connection over 3G/ 4G/ LTE/ WiFi/ Ethernet

Automatic video conversion

Compatible with any type of monitor with HDMI input

Live status of the devices and content

Intuitive web-based admin platform

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