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An intuitive platform that helps you manage and distribute digital content on an endless number of screens.

Connect your display to a Spectro:o player

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Easily control all your displays from one place

Why Spectro:o DMS ?

Creates a pleasant shopping experience

Attractive & useful content

Dynamic advertising

Reduced perception of waiting time

Adapts to any audience and context

Reduces potential customer dissatisfaction

But enough from us. Why did they choose Spectro:o?

George Nastase
Digital Project Manager
Carrefour Romania

The simplicity with which the platform can be used, the possibility of development according to the client’s requirements, the people behind the technical solution. Process optimization in Carrefour stores – time and quality are gained in customer communication.

Constantin Sandu
Computer Network Administrator
ERTEX International

We had to give up printed signage, which was difficult to manage. Spectroo is an easy to use, modern solution, in tune with the latest technologies.

Tech stuff

Cloud based management

Secure connection over 3G/ 4G/ LTE/ WiFi/ Ethernet

Automatic video conversion

Countless screens, no matter the size

Live status for devices and content

User friendly, web based admin platform

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