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Spectro:o Digital Signage for Manufacturing

Increase productivity and improve safety and production quality in your manufacturing facility with digital displays

Spectro:o Digital Signage for factories helps you follow safety protocols, facilitate access to procedures, and communicate more efficiently with your employees by ensuring a unified information flow from the office to the factory floor.

Out of the desire to reduce paper consumption, as part of the company’s plan to reduce the amount of waste generated and to implement environmental policies aimed at protecting primary natural resources, we have adopted a modern solution for the company’s notice board, in line with the latest trends technological, a solution proposed by Spectro:o.

Constantin SanduComputer Network Admin, ERTEX International

Benefits for manufacturing facilities

Getting essential information to your workforce can be challenging when most of your employees work in a large, loud industrial environment, usually surrounded by heavy and dangerous equipment. Digital signage plays a crucial role in improving workplace safety, educating your employees about equipment use, company goals, tasks, and productivity.

Increase productivity through collaborative and real-time access to procedures

Goodbye paper posters, hello paperless manufacturing! Transform static paper documentation into a digital bulleting board easily noticeable by all employees.

Display production guides, work procedures, and dynamic information such as the canteen menu, schedules and breaks, and other alerts. Share company goals, KPIs, and live metrics such as on-time delivery and achievements to drive productivity and boost employee morale.

Create a sense of community in the workplace

Increase employee retention by making them feel valued and appreciated at every step. Use digital displays to welcome new employees and special visitors, congratulate the employee of the month, celebrate employee anniversaries, and highlight outstanding team results.

Share company initiatives, health benefits, bonuses – all this helps bring your employees closer and improve team performance.

Choose an intuitive interface to administrate and display your content

Now you can easily create, add, validate, modify and display the content you want, when you want. Use custom templates for your selected screens, with automatic saving of history and versions.

Raise safety standards and awareness with emergency alerts and protocols

Your employees’ safety is beyond measure. Safety issues may cost you injuries, money, and your reputation. Invest in workplace safety awareness and reduce the risk of incidents.

Use Spectro:o to communicate about safety protocols, safety equipment, fire hazards, emergency exits, hazardous materials, etc. With a single click, you can display alert messages on all screens, across all your facilities.

Ready to switch from paper to digital?

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How it works?

01. Connect

Connect your screen to a Spectro:o player.

02. Publish

Add your content and publish it.

03. Control

Easily control all your displays from one single place.

Tech specs

Cloud-based management

Secure connection over 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi/Ethernet

Automatic video conversion

Compatible with any type of monitor with HDMI input

Live status of the devices and content

Intuitive web-based admin platform

Keep your facility safe and organized

Spectro:o drives all the visual communication efforts in your facility. Unlimited number of screens and locations.