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Spectro:o Digital Signage for Grocery & Retail

Boost sales and enhance your in-store experience with eye-catching digital signage

Today’s customers expect an engaging experience when shopping. Keep pace and turn your physical space into a personalized experience for visitors. Use digital signage for retail to captivate customers, increase your product visibility, share rich product information, and differentiate yourself.

With Spectro:o we manage to set up and run our advertising campaigns in all Carrefour stores in just a few minutes. So easy and fast!

CatalinaData & Media Placement, Carrefour

Benefits for brick-and-mortar retailers

Make the first seconds in your physical store count! Spectro:o empowers retailers to adopt digital signage and provide memorable shopping experiences.

Make your products stand out

By showcasing your products through stunning visual advertisements you increase the likelihood to purchase. Share rich product images and videos, shine a light on new merchandise, create mixed marketing campaigns designed to catch customers’ eyes.

Drive sales with promotions, seasonal sales, and discounts

Use digital signage to design Instagram-worthy window displays and convert passers-by into customers. Entice them to visit your store by displaying promotions, daily deals, special offers, and seasonal discounts. Drive additional revenue and increase impulse purchases during both peak and off-peak hours.

Inform shoppers and make them part of the dialogue

Give customers a reason to pay attention to your screens and do business with you. Display important public health and safety messages, provide time-sensitive information, and share alerts and real-time updates across multiple locations.

Increase brand awareness and differentiate yourself

Build trust in your brand by showcasing customer reviews and user-generated content. Display your brand story to remind your customers and employees what your mission is. Promote your social media presence to increase your following and user engagement. Ensure you create a recognizable brand across multiple touchpoints and locations.

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How it works?

01. Connect

Connect your screen to a Spectro:o player.

02. Publish

Add your content and publish it.

03. Control

Easily control all your displays from one single place.

Tech specs

Cloud-based management

Secure connection over 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi/Ethernet

Automatic video conversion

Compatible with any type of monitor with HDMI input

Live status of the devices and content

Intuitive web-based admin platform

From attention to revenue with Spectro:o

Spectro:o drives all the visual communication efforts in your organization, with both your customers and employees. Unlimited number of screens and locations.