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Spectro:o Digital Signage for Restaurants & Food Services

Attract customers with mouth-watering digital menus and entice them to try new foods

Create easily customized digital menus with high-quality content and visuals. Display offers, deals of the day, and specialty items. Change prices, and update your content whenever you want to reflect the needs of your customers.

Before Spectro:o, we used only paper for all our posters: we created content, we printed them out for more than 50 locations all over the country. The process was difficult, long and expensive. With Spectro:o we have streamlined the process through digitization.

Andreea VaduvaTrainer Master Franchise, Dabo Doner

Benefits for restaurants and food services

Increase foot traffic, boost sales, and deliver a visually improved experience whether it’s a café, bar, or fast-food restaurant.

Convert traditional menus and static posters into interactive boards

Transform your screens into interactive digital menu boards that your customers can navigate quickly and order their favorite food. When you make your dishes more visual, you automatically increase the order value. Add other enticing content to keep your customers engaged and entertained while they wait for their order.

Run promotions and advertise special offers

Advertise seasonal promotions and holiday specials (Christmas, Easter, other holidays), time-sensitive offers (breakfast, lunch, dinner), or other information such as local ingredients, menus for kids, catering, etc. Set different schedules with just one click.

Multiple locations? We’ve got you covered

No matter how many screens and locations you have, you can manage all your content in one place – the Spectro:o platform. Effortlessly upload, edit, and display your messages and menu boards remotely, across multiple locations, whenever you want. Gain time, eliminate printing & logistics costs, and avoid spending resources on paper signs that may never get displayed.

Display ad campaigns to diversify your revenue streams

Drive additional revenue streams by selling advertising space on your screens to partners and other providers. Personalize your messages and target them to the right customers, based on their interests. Schedule campaigns automatically so that your employees can focus on customers and core business activities.

Ready to switch from paper to digital?

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What our customers say

How it works?

01. Connect

Connect your screen to a Spectro:o player.

02. Publish

Add your content and publish it.

03. Control

Easily control all your displays from one single place.

Tech specs

Cloud-based management

Secure connection over 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi/Ethernet

Automatic video conversion

Compatible with any type of monitor with HDMI input

Live status of the devices and content

Intuitive web-based admin platform

Create wonderful dining experiences with Spectro:o

Spectro:o drives all the visual communication efforts in your organization, with both your customers and employees. Unlimited number of screens and locations.