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All features you need for
powerful digital signage

With an all-in-one web platform, you automate your digital signage process, save valuable time, and optimize visual communication with customers and employees, on an unlimited number of screens, just one click away.

Web platform

Connect to the secure Spectro:o web platform and and deploy content from a single distribution point, automatically.


Upload and publish content to your screens: images, videos, web pages and live streaming, directly from your PC or smartphone.


Your screens are connected to the Spectro:o players so you can easily display and manage content remotely, with just one click.

One platform compatible with multiple players




Cross - Platform


On-screen media diversity

With Spectro:o, you can drag & drop your desired content on screen, in seconds: product images and videos, web pages, YouTube videos, radio streaming, you name it!


Put a spotlight on your products with the help of eye-catching product images and digital messages in different formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG.

Video files

Catch your customers’ attention with HD videos and keep your content fresh by combining multiple file types into playlists. Forget the hassle of fixing errors and edit any file in the blink of an eye.

Web pages & radio streaming

Enjoy endless digital signage possibilities: display content from online sources and broadcast radio channels. Mix visual and audio communication to offer your customers a pleasant indoor experience.

Custom templates

Keep your communications fresh and relevant with personalized templates. We bring you fully customizable templates and reusable designs that will help you stay on brand.

Multiple orientations

Take advantage of flexibility and customise your content according to the proportions and orientation of your screens (portrait or landscape). Spectro:o makes sure it looks great!

Create engaging playlists and schedule your content

From a single control panel, you can distribute content across multiple locations and set time intervals for your campaigns. Master the digital signage platform without any technical skills!

Screen grouping

Manage your screen network by grouping them as you like, and assign content with the click of a button. Just like that, you ensure seamless and simultaneous communication across all locations, from one PC or even via a smartphone.

Advanced scheduling

Set different content schedules for different screens, and show relevant messages for any context or event. Moreover, you can remotely turn off your screens during off-hours to reduce power consumption.

Synchronized playlists

Promotions, seasonal campaigns, news, holiday greetings, special messages – Spectro:o automatically synchronizes everything!

Offline playback

We’ve got you covered in case your internet connection lets you down! Spectro:o player downloads the content locally and ensures uninterrupted playback until the connection is restored.

Manage everything remotely

Our cloud-based solution enables you to manage thousands of screens anytime, anyplace, from anywhere in the world. You can check the status of your devices and your displayed content in real-time so you can quickly fix any issues that may occur.

Map view

Get an overview of your digital signage network and quickly uncover active and inactive screens. Find out what content is playing, paused, or upcoming.

Ultimate control

Adjust your video and audio volume remotely and take advantage of the “Power On & Power Off”, “Boot on Start”, and “Autostart” features.

Content performance reports

The Content Overview feature provides you with easy digital signage analytics and campaign performance reports. Customize the reports with your desired filters: location, content, players, time range, and find out how many people watched your screens and for how long.

Fast customer support

Our team is always ready to help you out remotely, depending on your chosen plan, with any problem your encounter.

Choose a secure and scalable platform

With Spectro:o, you can display content on thousands of screens and customize your digital signage by integrating it with third-party applications. The communication process is done in an isolated environment and the data is encrypted end-to-end.

Extreme security

The Spectro:o solution is designed with security in mind. We apply the latest industry practices and encrypt the communication between our players and the content management platform.

Third-party integrations

Thanks to its high degree of flexibility, our solution allows integration with third-party applications, from where our players then take over the content automatically. The synchronization feature allows scheduling and rendering both your own content and third-party content.

Multi-user access

Collaborate with your team by adding as many users as you want, and grant them different access permissions as you see fit.

Automatic updates

Timing is everything! That’s why all updates happen automatically so you don’t lose valuable information.

And that’s not all! See the full list of features here.

Thousands of screens connected to the Spectro:o web platform

An intuitive solution for engaging in-location experiences

Total remote screen management

Plug-and-play digital signage

Third-party integrations

Complete guidance and support

Communicate effortlessly from anywhere in the world!