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Spectro:o Digital Signage for Healthcare

Inform your patients and staff with digital signage for healthcare

In healthcare organizations, proactively informing patients and managing the waiting and overall patient care experience is crucial. Choose digital signage to give your patients the attention they deserve, make their waiting time more enjoyable, provide opportunities for diversion, and help your staff be more efficient.

First of all, the application allows you to maintain an elegant and unobstructed reception space. Then it allows you to implement and communicate promotions or service packages as soon as you validate them and whenever you want to do so. Last but not least, it allows you to turn the stressful waiting time into timely reception of patients by running healthcare educational videos.

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Benefits for healthcare providers

Spectro:o helps you manage the information you want to show your visitors, patients, and staff. One platform. Secure and easy to use.

Inform patients and visitors

Grab your patients’ attention by presenting useful information such as healthcare initiatives or prevention campaigns in a new and interactive way. Show wait time updates, keep them informed of delays and make waiting easier. Promote your services, medical offering, and doctors.

Guide visitors and display directions

Show indoor directions to help patients find their way through your facilities more easily. Communicate alerts, delays, disruptions, or any other emergency situations.

Introduce medical staff to visitors

Hospital experience can often be impersonal and sterile. But it doesn’t have to be. Build a good rapport with your patients and introduce them to your doctors and medical staff. Showcase partnerships, honor donors and volunteers, and announce special events.

Improve internal communication

Use digital signage to display internal updates and reminders to keep your staff informed. Use your screens to announce meetings, open jobs, and other opportunities.

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How it works?

01. Connect

Connect your screen to a Spectro:o player.

02. Publish

Add your content and publish it.

03. Control

Easily control all your displays from one single place.

Tech stuff

Cloud based management

Secure connection over 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi/Ethernet

Automatic video conversion

Compatible with any type of screen with HDMI input

Live status of the devices and content

Intuitive web based admin platform

Create a patient-centered healthcare organization

Spectro:o drives all the visual communication efforts in your organization, with both your patients and staff. Unlimited number of screens and locations.