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Case Study Restaurants & Food Services

Case study: How to boost sales and streamline work in restaurants by automating the process of visual communication to customers

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About the client

Dabo Doner is one of the most popular fast food restaurant chains in Sibiu, that also expanded to several other cities in Romania and abroad. In total, Dabo currently counts 90 points of presence, either as owned or franchised restaurants, all of which having had implemented digital signage systems so that employees can focus on customer experience in the restaurant, not on updating posters.

Challenges and constraints

Displaying visuals is essential in a fast-food restaurant in order to stimulate instant purchases. As the client expanded and opened restaurant after restaurant, the workload for such displays also grew exponentially. It was clear to the client that displaying menus, prices, offers or information could no longer be done in the same manner as when there was just one restaurant or two to manage. More precisely, the signage was carried out using USB sticks attached to the screens in the restaurant. In other words, 90 restaurants, 90 people, between 90 and 120 sticks, and many hours consumed. As you can imagine, this was very difficult to count and measure due to a back-and-forth process which, as with any manual process, was very time-consuming and prone to human errors.

In a few lines, the complete process of implementing visual communication in Dabo restaurants could be described as follows:

❎ designing and creating the visual material
❎ transferring it to restaurants using different platforms that support high resolutions
❎ uploading the content to USB sticks
❎ attaching them to the screens
❎ Obviously, the process was done all over again if they encountered errors and whenever changes occurred, be it in terms of the offer, menu, or ingredients or whenever new regulations or consumer updates needed to be displayed.

Thus, from the design of the material to its display in restaurants or show-windows, the entire process of visual communication in location was going through multiple stages, consuming a lot of time and countless resources. It is easy to understand that such an inefficient process began to bring frustrations, both at the management level and among employees, as the effort-results ratio was not profitable.

The solution

With the digital age influencing every business, the client immediately thought of automation as the natural and efficient alternative to manual work, wishing for a solution to replace the cumbersome process above and simplify the process of visual communication in their restaurants.

The Spectro:o digital signage platform is the solution chosen by Dabo, adapted to the needs of the restaurant chain to cover visual communication in their locations, in an appealing manner, in real-time, and with operational efficiency.

The new communication process for 90 of all the locations in the chain works like this:

✅ designing and creating the content
✅  uploading it to the client’s private account in the Spectro:o platform
✅  distributing the content on the desired screens, in real-time, by a single employee.

The time effort was reduced from 360 working hours to 30-60 minutes in a month; the number of employees involved was reduced from 40 to 1, and the efficiency increased exponentially.

Errors and mistakes are now fixed within minutes and do not involve additional costs or repeating the entire process of displaying the updated material.

When presented with the opportunity by the Spectro:o team, Dabo allocated an additional screen for both advertising and the distribution of informational content to customers and potential employees. The screens can now display ads from partners, suppliers, local events, thus bringing in new revenue and recovering the initial investment.


The client replaced the cumbersome process described above and simplified the visual communication in their restaurants. They achieved all this with the Spectro:o solution but also got something more, and that is satisfied employees and more focus on their main tasks – that of attending to the needs of customers in the restaurants.

The products promoted through Spectro:o digital signage have registered a 10% increase in the probability of purchase due to the dynamic menu board and images that attract customers and also gained more visibility and a much simpler communication process.

Since 2018 when they started using Spectroo’s digital signage network, Dabo Doner has successfully used up to 80 screens simultaneously in its restaurants.

What our client says

Before Spectro:o, we used only paper for all our posters: we created content, we printed them out for more than 50 locations all over the country. The process was difficult, long and expensive. With Spectro:o we have streamlined the process through digitization

Andreea VăduvaTrainer Master Franchise, Dabo Doner

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