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Case Study Healthcare

Case study: How to save time by automating visual communication and improve the working environment in a national pharmacy network

By November 23, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments

About the client

The largest pharmacy chain in Romania has implemented the Spectro:o digital signage solution to manage and optimize its communication processes in 850+ locations in the country. With nationwide coverage, the client wanted to display messages and promotions in a coherent and unified way across all units, without manual work and too many employees involved in the process.

Challenges and constraints

It’s neither easy nor cost-effective to manually manage all the communication efforts in over 850 pharmacies from different corners of the country. Moreover, it’s extremely difficult to ensure unified communication throughout the entire network, as each location handles the display by itself with limited resources. Thus, with each new location, the struggles of maintaining a brand-coherent offering via USB sticks have increased considerably.

Administrating a visual communication strategy through USB sticks is time-consuming and requires several employees assigned to different steps and functions. To display a single image on a screen, the USB stick must first be removed and then connected to a PC or laptop for uploading the file. After the content is allocated, the USB is ejected from the computer and inserted back into the screen. This process must be repeated on all screens over and over again until the errors are fixed and the content is updated. As a result, employees are stuck in a vicious cycle, and in a network of over 850 screens, the time spent managing digital communication via USB sticks is overwhelming. Because this process requires a lot of time and effort, there is no energy left to exploit digital communication to its full potential.

Moreover, employees in pharmacies were also struggling to balance organizational tasks with over-the-counter communication with customers. In pharmacies, human interaction is crucial, as customers need assistance and advice, and employees will always prioritize customers’ needs over administrative duties. At the same time, digital communication can’t be neglected, as it generates brand awareness through the display of valuable messages, promotions, and news, and contributes to a pleasant customer experience in the pharmacy.

The solution

Business development is one of our client’s top priorities, manifesting itself on all business levels – from territorial expansion to digitization. Manually managing content across hundreds of screens was no longer feasible, especially being so restrictive in terms of visual diversity. At the same time, the COVID pandemic created new needs for both customers and pharmacy employees, such as remote working. Thus, our client decided to implement a solution to centralize the management of multimedia content (advertisements, updates, information dedicated to internal communication) on all the screens in the network, and the Spectro:o digital signage platform was the perfect fit for this endeavor.

The new Digital Signage network has radically transformed the communication in pharmacies: manual work has completely disappeared, employees dedicate all their time to customers, the risk of a fragmented communication has been reduced, multimedia content is more diverse and easily changed given the context. A plug-and-play player has been installed on each screen in each pharmacy, which, once installed, is synchronized with the others and automatically plays the allocated content. Our client no longer has to worry about suspending the display because of an internet outage, as the Spectro:o player ensures local download and uninterrupted content playback until the connection is restored.

The automation and centralization of visual communication, as well as the ability to broadcast live events across all pharmacies in the network, improved internal communication and the in-location customer experience. Christmas events, contests, annual prize draws – all events are broadcasted in each chain pharmacy via the intuitive Spectro:o platform.

Before implementing our digital signage solution, the process of updating a single image on 850 screens took 28 hours and at least 1 employee per unit. Now, the whole digital communication is provided in just 28 minutes by a single person, remotely, using a PC, laptop, or even a smartphone. Adding and running advertising from partners and suppliers no longer requires replicating the display process on each screen, as the dedicated advertising playlist is created directly in the platform and allocated with a few clicks to the entire pharmacy network.


With intuitive content management and scheduling features, the Spectro:o digital signage solution simplifies the visual communication process in over 850 pharmacies. In addition to operational efficiency, the client has also achieved the goal of broadcasting important live events across the pharmacy network. This allows employees to spend time helping visitors, feel like they are part of a team, and enjoying a pleasant working environment where they don’t have to juggle multiple tasks. Customer experience has become more personalized and engaging due to the diverse content being displayed and the ability to watch live national events organized by our client. Happy employees, loyal customers, great efficiency – this is how we help our customer every day to reach the next milestones of business development.

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